Quick n Dirty Circuit Workout

Hello, folks!

I’m popping in this morning in between teaching and work to say hello and share a short, but sweaty, workout with you!

I’m calling this circuit Quick n Dirty because it’s a no-nonsense workout that exercises nearly every part of your body.  This is what my participants and I completed as the bootcamp portion of this morning’s cycle bootcamp class and since they expressed how much they loved how it left them feeling, I thought some of you might be interested in trying it as well.

No equipment?  No problem!  This workout uses the equipment you’re never without (at least, I hope not!) – bodyweight!  If you’re not a runner or running just doesn’t agree with your body, don’t worry!  You can walk the 200m…just be sure to walk at a brisk pace!

Quick n Dirty Circuit Workout

Note: don’t forget to talk to your health provider before trying a new workout!  I want to you to do what is right for YOU.  This workout says “Quick n Dirty,” but please always focus on form and quality over speed and quantity!

Exercise Videos:

In and Out Jumps


Russian Twists


Walking Planks

If you try it, let me know what you think!

Time for this lady to grab breakfast and hit the road!  Make today a great one 🙂



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