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Five Things I’ve Learned After Running Five Marathons

Happy Global Running Day to my fellow runners!  May your miles be full of smiles as you celebrate the joy of running today!

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It was around this time of year about EIGHT years ago that I first picked up running, which is crazy to think about.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed taking on the challenge of countless 5K’s, several half marathons, and five full marathons.   Since that fateful day where I went for a run instead of hitting the elliptical, I’ve learned a lot about running – most of which can be translated over into learning a lot about life.  I figured Global Running Day is a perfect day to share some of these lessons.  I hope that this encourages you in some way, and I’d love to hear what lessons running has taught you, too!

01. Honor YOUR body. 


I say this in my fitness classes – probably in almost every class – but honor your body because it is a gift.  I could go on for hours about this one, but I’ll keep it brief: Nourish yourself with food and good energy, give yourself time to recover, listen to your body, think happy thoughts, and train smart.


02. We can do hard things.


A marathon is hard, there’s no doubt about it, but we all have an amazing ability to tackle more than we ever thought possible with hard work, planning, determination, faith, and trust in ourselves.  Nothing worth doing or having comes easy, but it is beyond worth it.

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03. Enjoy the journey.


The joy is in the journey, not just the destination.  It’s the highs and lows of training, the miles logged solo or with your run tribe, the giddiness that comes from signing up for a race and the nerves that kick in the evening before the big event.

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04. Don’t get caught up in the comparison trap.

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I am not a fast runner, so getting from a 4:50 marathon down to a 4:25 marathon was a huge deal for me.  I still get down or hard on myself sometimes because it isn’t anywhere near other running friends/bloggers/random people on the street I meet and talk to about running.  But you know what?  We freaking run marathons.  Someone will be first and someone has to be last, that’s just how it goes.  I’m clearly not in it for the prize and have no desire to be, so why am I giving myself a hard time about it?  Let it go and enjoy working hard for you and your personal goals…no one elses.  Oh, and surround yourself with people who DON’T put you into the comparison trap in a negative way but push you to be better FOR YOU, which brings me to #5…


05. The running community is amazing.

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You may have seen the stories pop up online – like runners carry fellow runner over finish line, etc. The running community supports each other in so many ways – gear recommendations, training tips, fuel, moral support, and more.  This community extends to those who support you in your running, too.  Some of my favorite memories from distance races are people – training for my first half marathon with my husband, having my sister running the first 9 miles of the Flying Pig Marathon with me, getting to see my parents and furbabies cheer myself and some friends on during a half marathon, and meeting some kind strangers during the hard parts of the run that you pushed to keep going and who pushed you right back (Akron Marathon + Black Swamp 25K, I’m looking at you!).  Not everyone wants to talk or be cheered on all the time (like when you’re cursing under your breath at those who seem peppy and energetic while they pass you in your dark moments, not that I have any idea what that’s like…).  Find your run tribe.  Love your run tribe.  Thank your run tribe.


Happy running, friends!

What is your favorite running lesson, moment, or memory?

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