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Summit County Metroparks Fall Hiking Spree Kick-Off

Hello there!

I thought I’d pop in today to share a little bit more about something we look forward to each fall – the Summit County Fall Hiking Spree!  This will be our fourth year participating in the spree and it is a great motivator to get out and enjoy all of the parks in the area.  The spree doesn’t officially begin until September 1st, but the kick off event was held this past weekend and we made sure to attend.

Rewinding just a bit, before the event I met up with a local trail running group for a 6 mile run through one of my favorite local reservations.  I hadn’t been on the trails for over a month, so it felt amazing to be back (although my quads definitely were reminding me of this fact!).  I never run trails alone for safety, so it’s awesome to a) have a group to run with for this reason and b) have an awesome group of people to run with for the support and conversation.  If you’re a runner, walker, jogger, hiker – I encourage you to find a group near you!

After the run, I popped home for a bit before we headed out to Liberty Park for the Hiking Spree Kick Off event!


We didn’t know what to expect, but were pleasantly shocked to see how many people showed up for the event!  The parking lot was full, but they had a ranger providing guidance for those of us who needed to park alongside the entrance drive.  We headed toward the Visitor’s Center and shelter to find it bustling with excited hikers, park staff, and volunteers.

We opted to complete our hike before checking out the tables under the shelter.  The Ledges trail at Liberty Park is one of our favorites and includes some magnificent views of rock ledges and the meadow.


After finishing up the Spree hike, we opted to extend our hike by taking another trail.  After that was done, we headed up to the Visitor’s Center to have our Spree form signed and walked away with some cool swag.


First Fall Spree hike of 2017 – check!  (You have to complete eight hikes between 9/1-11/30).


We found a Northeast Ohio Rocks! painted rock while we were at the event, too!  Basically, the premise is that when you find one of these painted rocks, you take it and rehide it for someone else to find.  there is a Facebook group you can join to post when you find it, and each painter/group of painters usually has a hashtag you’ll use to help them track it’s journey.  Such a fun way to unite our community!


We are so excited for September 1st to get here so we can start logging our hikes to earn this year’s shield to add to our hiking sticks!


Looking for more information about the Summit County Metroparks Fall Hiking Spree?  Click here.

PS – you don’t have to be a Summit County resident to participate!  If you’re a first year hiker who lives outside of the county, you’ll pay $10 for your hiking stick and first shield. Each year after that, it’s only $5!


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