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Labor Day Weekend 2017

**As Texans begin to recover from Hurricane Harvey and the southeast prepares for Hurricane Irma, I wanted to remind you all – regardless of where you live – that having an emergency plan and emergency kit ready for your household (for each person and pet!) is a good idea.  Please check out this link for tips on how to build your kit.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the hurricanes.**

Hello and happy Tuesday!  I hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend!  This past weekend was full of fun, activity, and rest for the two of us, which was much needed after the summer of “go go go” and what felt like very little time together.


On Saturday, after the drizzle stopped we headed off to complete two hikes of our Fall Hiking Spree.  We chose two trails that were at parks relatively close together and logged just under 4 miles between the two.  Our first hike was a new-to-us trail that followed a river on one side of the trail and tall rock ledges on the other side.  It was a beautiful out-and-back hike.  I would not recommend that one after a rainstorm or in snow though!  Our second hike we did a few years ago as part of the hiking spree.  It is a loop trail that is very hilly – not rolling hills, but steep inclines and declines!

When found ourselves starving after our hikes, so we zipped down the road to Swenson’s for an early dinner before heading home and calling it a night.


We kept up the activity on Sunday when we headed out for a run/bike ride.  I had asked Tim to bike alongside me while I did my long run and he was all in, so I proposed tackling the miles one-way on the Towpath Trail and catching the train back to our car – something we haven’t done in several years!  It’s only $3 per person as part of the Bike Aboard! program (it also applies to distance runners/hikers, too) and very well-worth it for us to not do an out-and-back run on the trail.  We hit the trail early and ran/rode 16 miles south before catching the train.  We snacked on our ride back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park before hopping off and running/riding the last two miles to our car.  I was very happy to log a total of 18 miles in preparation for the Northern Ohio Marathon next month!


After quite the adventurous start to the day, we spent the rest of Sunday lounging around.  We did take another short bike ride that evening to find some Geocaches near our neighborhood to shake out our legs, which felt amazing and was the perfect way to wrap up the day!



Ok, so I originally expected the Cleveland Oktoberfest 5K to be the highlight of our Monday adventures to Oktoberfest.  While we knew we’d have fun checking out the event and eating some delicious German food, we didn’t plan on spending as much time as we did at Oktoberfest.  It was all because of this…



I had no idea this was a thing, and it was the thing that kept us at Oktoberfest for most of the afternoon.  We couldn’t get enough!

We did run the 5K, which despite a rough start after the previous day’s activities ended up being a solid race for both of us.  It was Tim’s first race since breaking his foot earlier this year, and he felt good enough to run the entire thing.  Whoo hoo for recovery!


And that’s a wrap on our weekend!  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Ever go to a festival and get sucked into something random you weren’t expecting? What was it?

Out and back runs – yay or nay?



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