18 in 2018

The Happier Podcast continues to be one of my favorite podcasts.  On one of their recent shows, they discussed a listener comment they adapted to create an “18 in 2018” list of things you want to do.  Gretchen and Elizabeth, the podcast hosts, later shared their own lists.  Tim and I developed our own lists and though we have some overlap, what you find on each of our lists is true to ourselves.  This list is part “to-do’s” that have been hanging out in the background, part bigger goals I want to achieve.

My 18 in 2018!

  1. Read Health at Every Size.  I was introduced to these principles and research while in my dietetic internship, and continue to hear about it as I dive deeper into intuitive eating.  I find this fascinating and am looking forward to reading the book.
  2. Run the 2018 Cleveland Marathon Challenge!  I’ll be tackling the 8K on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday.  I’ve never done a challenge event series like this, so I am pumped for this year’s race weekend!
  3. Run my first 50K.  It’s time for a new distance!  🙂
  4. Touch up my car paint.  I received one quote to touch up some of the paint on my car, but would like to get another quote.  The work just needs to be done!
  5. Master baking a couple different kinds of bread!  I love sourdough as well as your regular ol’ wheat loaf, and while I’ve been baking both kinds for a while I don’t have consistent results.  It’s time to get to work and figure it out!
  6. Get a new phone – 100% upgrade!
  7. Finish my 2017 temperature blanket.  Now if I could just find the crochet hook I was using!
  8. Start and complete a yoga challenge.  I have my eyes on this one, though I’ll be starting it a little later –  join me! 🙂
  9. Go skiing – water and snow!  We haven’t been snow skiing in a couple of years, and despite my family’s love of the water Tim has never waterskiied!  This WILL be the year we do both.
  10. Get a dog 😉
  11. Update our passports.  This potentially leads into the next item on this list…
  12. Travel someplace that we haven’t been before.  It doesn’t matter if it’s within or outside of the country to us, we just want to go someplace new together.
  13. Clean and pack intentionally with the goal of simplicity for my mind and soul.  Space – physical and mental – makes me happy.  Taking tips from Marie Kondo, The Minimalists, Courtney Carver, and others.
  14. Eliminate disposable plastic food storage as an “everyday” item and switch to reusable bags, glassware, and beeswax wrap.
  15. Learn how to give Tim a haircut.
  16. Try something new each month.
  17. Get all of my CEU’s in order – my CHES CEU’s are due next year and I need to establish my professional development portfolio now that I am a Registered Dietitian!  This is my friendly and shame-free plug to seek out the credentialed expert – we want to and are expected to keep up with the latest research, evidence-based practice, and standards in our field.
  18. Launch my practice.  It’s been a dream of mine to be able to work with a handful of nutrition counseling clients outside of the work I do full-time, and thanks to technology this is becoming more and more possible and accessible.

Other intentions I have for the year are not quite as fully baked, but will be in time.  And, in the spirit of trying to go with the flow, I’m not afraid to alter the above as life evolves 🙂

What are some of your “Things in 2018” you want to accomplish?


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