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Here We Go Again, Cleveland!

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Two years ago, I went down to a race expo to sign up for what would be my fifth full marathon – the Cleveland Marathon.  During the nearly five hours (yep, five hours – #slowandproud) it took me to finish the race, we experienced #alltheseasons and I feel the need to tell EVERYONE this fact because my finish photo is sunny.

<– See?  You’d never know.

Despite the crazy weather, I fell in love with the Cleveland Marathon.  The race was so well organized, the course was a wonderful tour that highlighted some of Cleveland’s best (you cannot beat running by the water, in my opinion!), and well supported by race crew, volunteers, and spectators.  There’s just something special about this city that I love, the people, and the amazing running community.  You know this race has a special place in my heart when I’m smiling while I’m sitting here thinking and writing about it.

2018ambassador badgeThat’s why I am SO excited to do it all again in 2018!  This time, as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador!  I’ll be running one of the Challenge Series, the 8K/26.2 distance challenge where you run an 8K on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday.  I am so pumped!  I’ve never done a Challenge like this before, so we’re in for a fun adventure.

I’ll be sharing updates about my journey to marathon weekend on here and on Instagram (@tnewlove) if you want to follow along.  You can also check out my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors here.  Warning: they are all crazy awesome and if I haven’t been able to convince you that Cleveland is the race for you, their energy and posts probably will 😉

If you haven’t had a chance to run through Cleveland yet, I invite you to join me this year!  If you have, I welcome you back and hope you’ll join in the fun again!

Let’s do this, Cleveland!


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