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2018 CLE Marathon Training Update #1

Hey there, friends!

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I’m following a 16 week training plan for this year’s Cleveland Marathon, which meant my official training kicked off last week!  Whoo hoo!


I was able to get in two runs before starting to come down with a bug that seems to have settled in my chest.   While I didn’t hit my weekly mileage goal, I’m thankful I was able to get some miles on my legs as well as quite a bit of time on the bike.

This week, I’ll be playing my runs by ear as I *hopefully* recover quickly and get back out on the roads!  I was concerned due to the awful flu outbreak, so I did a telehealth visit (thank goodness for telehealth!) with a physician who thinks my history of asthma may be a playing a big role, so we discussed some things I can be doing to alleviate my symptoms and get back to life!  I’ll be taking it slow and listening to my body, don’t worry 🙂

One final thing!  If you’re looking to run an event in the 2018 Cleveland Marathon race series, you can use the promo code above to save 10% off your registration!

Have a great week, and happy running!


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