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2018 Cleveland Marathon Training Update #2

Hey there friends, and happy Marathon Monday!

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Training *finally* feels back to normal after two weeks of fighting whatever bug decided to hang around.  This was a great reminder to be relentless in pursuing your goals, but flexible about your methods.  Life happens, but we will move on and move forward!


Back to training…  I opted to ease back into training with two runs last week.  By far, my favorite run was on Thursday.  It was gray, but unseasonably warm for a northern Ohio February day.  I didn’t want to stop, but called it quits after three glorious miles because I needed to get back to work.  I also did two days of strength training and lot of cycling (no surprise there!).


This week, I’m planning to jump right back in to my training plan 100% (honoring my body if it tells me otherwise, of course!).  I’m looking forward to using this time on the road to catch up on some podcasts I’ve been neglecting, especially the RD Real Talk podcast series on intuitive eating!


Related to marathon training is fuel!  How fun is this festive heart-shaped pasta I picked up at Aldi for Valentine’s Day?!  We’ve been eating a lot of random meals lately, but now that life is back to normal around here I’m looking forward to getting back on the meal planning game!  Well – sort of!  We’ll be moving (locally) in a few weeks and it’ll be fun to see just how creative we can get with cleaning out the fridge/freezer/cupboards to avoid moving a ton of food.

Only 90 days until Cleveland Marathon!  If you haven’t registered yet, head over to the website (here) to sign up.  Oh, and you can use code “TNCLE10” to get 10% off your race registration!


Happy running!

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