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Cleveland Marathon Training Update #3: How My Philosophy on Movement Has Evolved

Hey hey there friends!  I hope you’re all having a great week 🙂


Just popping in with your weekly training update for this year’s Cleveland Marathon!  This past week was a little all over the place with some work travel, which brings up a great discussion point – do you workout while traveling?

Personally, I’ve relaxed a lot in this area over the past few years.  Taylor five years ago would’ve been determined to continue her normal workouts and would freak out if things didn’t go to plan.  Taylor today is more focused on honoring her body, her mind, and her soul.

What do I mean by this?  Girl, aren’t you running a freaking marathon and don’t you have a training plan to stick to?

Yea, I do.  But, the worst thing I can do for my mental health and self esteem is beat myself up over swapping run days, cutting mileage, or missing a workout completely.  The run will always be there.  Life will go on.  The sun will still rise tomorrow if I don’t run today.

That being said, moving my body makes me feel GOOD, so I do typically exercise when I’m traveling.  Going on a run through a new city, taking a fitness class at a new studio or when offered by a hotel/resort, going for a walk or hike with friends and family, or trying a new activity are all ways I like to get moving while traveling.

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Some days, a formal workout isn’t in the cards, and that’s okay.  On those days, I’ll often do a mini-workout – even just a few minutes worth of movement – in the hotel room using an app, video, or making something up on the spot.  Or, I find myself gravitating toward standing for periods of time in meetings (when appropriate – but hey, I work in wellness – supporting healthy workplace culture!),  or walking laps in the airport.  When we were on our way home from Hawaii, Tim and I logged over 3 miles of airport walking!  We had a longggg layover…

This is all what works for me, and I’m sure it will evolve over time as I do.  All of that to say – I’m really looking forward to my long run this weekend after a few days off of running!

I’d love to know…do you exercise while traveling?  If so, I’d love to hear what works for you in the comments!






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