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Cleveland Marathon Training Update

Hey there friends!  It’s time for another Cleveland Marathon training update!  Can you believe we are less than 50 days away?!?!?!

By the way…have you registered?  If not – head on over and use my code below to save 10% on your race registration.  Good for any distance and even the challenge series!


Training in this crazy Ohio spring weather has been a good lesson in gratitude.  As in, I’m so grateful we live in a place where there are summers!  I’m looking forward to ditching the tights and pullovers for shorts and tanks, and need to carry water instead of wearing gloves.  Until then, we’ll just keeping running and taking each day as it comes, and looking forward to what warmer weather will bring.

In addition to looking forward to warmer weather, I’m looking forward to an upcoming race I’m doing with my family.  We ran the Glass City Marathon Relay last year (recap) and opted to do it again this year, this time with a few new family team members in tow!  That race will be here in a couple of weeks and I am so excited!  I’ll tack on some extra miles to my leg to complete my long run for the week.  I can’t believe around that point, it’ll be time to start tapering.  This training season is flying by.

Until next time, folks!  I’d love to hear about something you’re looking forward to in the comments below!



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