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Marathon Monday: Real Talk

The Cleveland Marathon race weekend is officially less than THIRTY days away, and today we are getting real.

But first…have you registered?!  What are you waiting for?  Let this be your invitation to JOIN US as we RUN CLE!  Good people, good times, and a great run…don’t miss out!


OK, now back to the real talk.

Don’t let the title of this post influence how you think I’m feeling…I am SO excited and happy for race weekend to be here.  However, I want to remind you that what you see on Instagram, and here, is just a snapshot.  A moment in time or in thought, that quite often doesn’t reflect everything going on behind the scenes.

Today, let’s peel back a layer and get real.

As excited as I am for this race, I’m anxious.  I’m scared of being undertrained and a DNF.  I’m anticipating that feeling of intense discomfort I know will be waiting for me somewhere between miles 16-26.  I’m nervously preparing for how the day might turn turn out – the weather, how my tummy will be, and about a thousand other thoughts that randomly pop into my head.  Instead of trying to diminish my anxiety about all of these things, I’m greeting it and embracing  it as yet another lesson along the ride.

Training for a marathon is always a beautiful lesson in life and the importance of flexibility, prioritization, and determination.  Each training season has had it’s own triumphs, low points, and lessons learned.  While training for the 2018 Cleveland Marathon, I started two new jobs, moved, had significant personal and family things come up, and added a furry member to our family.  Quite honestly, these things took priority…but my desire to run this race has never faltered.


Getting to the start line for each race is a journey, and every runner will show up on race day with their own story to tell, each story as unique to the individual sharing it.  As we run, each step, mile, and smile exchanged along the way continue to write the story.  Then, crossing the finish line brings emotions that can’t even be put into words.  It’s elation, relief, and a little bittersweet.  Yes, the destination has been reached and the goal (hopefully!) achieved, but you’ve opened the door to so many opportunities.  Opportunities to know yourself better, to do better, to push farther than you ever thought possible…  these extend beyond race day and the finish line.


So while I have anxieties about showing up to the start line, and honestly I don’t know how the day will go until we get there (although positive visualization is in full swing!), I’m grateful for every opportunity this season has presented.

It’s one thing to sign up, it’s another to show up on race day.  Congratulations to everyone lining up at a start line this year!  If you’re heading to the Cleveland Marathon, make sure to let me know!


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