Hello, and welcome to Newlove Wellness!  My name is Taylor and I am passionate about helping others live their healthiest, happiest life.  Newlove Wellness is home to information about my fitness offerings, and to my personal blog that follows my adventures and musings in fitness, food, family, fun, and healthy living.


I have a Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion and Education, and am a marathoner, foodie, and love anything to do with the outdoors, summertime, and health and wellness.  I currently work in employee wellness and moved to Northeast Ohio in 2014, where I love exploring the amazing parks systems in the area.  I’m big on family, love dogs, and believe in the power of hard work and positivity.

dec 095b
Hiking the Appalachian Trail in PA


I love to run and be active, especially with my husband, family, and friends.  I am a certified group fitness instructor and am inspired when I see the participants of my classes work hard and have fun getting fit!  I’m a licensed instructor in Zumba and Piloxing, and am an AFAA Personal Trainer.


I wasn’t always a runner.  In fact, I despised running with every fiber of my being until my freshman year of college.  I ran my first 5K the following summer, and my first half marathon that fall, and was hooked. Running does not come easily or naturally to me, but that’s one of the reasons I love (to hate) it so much.  Since then, I’ve ran 3 full marathons, 8 halfs, and countless 5ks.  I’m not the fastest, but I’m out there and loving every minute.

Buckeye Half Marathon 2015


I love nutrition (I have a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics!) and playing with food.  One of my favorite ways to spend the weekend is preparing healthy recipes and putting a healthy spin on some of my friends and family’s favorite dishes.

I once had a very unhealthy relationship with food, and since educating  myself, talking to a professional, and realizing food is fuel, I’ve fallen in love with the way eating mindfully and healthfully (most of the time) makes me feel.  I have a big sweet tooth and rarely turn down a special, homemade treat!  (If you or someone you love struggles with their relationship with food, please seek help.)

I love what Michael Pollan says about food…
“Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”

Note: what is right for me may not be best or safe for you.  Please consult your healthcare provider and/or a Registered Dietitian before changing your diet.



I’m grateful for my amazing support system of loved ones.  In addition to my amazing parents, sisters, and extended family, someone you’ll see pop up in many posts on the blog is my husband, Tim.  We met at BGSU (when we were both in high school…it’s a long story!), survived and thrived through a long distance relationship while I finished school, and got married in a small ceremony on a private Lake Erie beach in 2015.

Jenna Doore Photography-5684-2




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