About Me

PictureHello!  My name is Taylor Newlove-Chimes.  I am a health and wellness educator, coach, nutrition nut, fitness instructor and trainer, and outdoor enthusiast.

I currently live in Ohio where I work in employee wellness.  I graduated with my Master of Public Health degree in 2014.  While working on my graduate degree, I worked as a public health graduate assistant on grant administration, implementation, and evaluation in addition to coordinating an internship in faculty/staff wellness programming.  I have my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Bowling Green State University and am a Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered.  Also, ​I am a Certified Health Education Specialist and maintain several other active health and fitness-related certifications in order to help make lives better through health promotion, prevention, and education.

I aim to be a champion for health and wellness in all that I do, personally and professionally.  My professional interests include: nutrition and dietetics as a critical player in optimal well-being, wellness and health in higher education, healthy living and wellness programs for communities and families,  and employee/corporate wellness.  My experiences include health promotion programming and campaigns in areas of: nutrition/food, physical activity, body image, safety, stress management, bystander intervention, healthy hearts, mental health, suicide prevention, collegiate alcohol awareness, sexual health, older adult fitness, and healthy after-school programs.

In addition to my full-time commitment to my role leading employee well-being programs and initiatives, I also work as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, enjoy participating in community service programs and projects, and enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends.  I enjoyed promoting healthy habits and supporting healthy behaviors through my experiences coaching a Girls on the Run team, and volunteer with the local council as often as possible because I believe in the goodness of the organization and what it aims to accomplish.

Empower, educate, encourage, and inspire others to thrive through wellness, health, fitness, and nutrition…I firmly believe this is what I was meant to do.