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Ideas for Tackling the Long Runs

I’m absolutely in agreement with those who say running is just as much mental strength and endurance as it is physical, so tackling the long run is something every distance runner (or cyclist, swimmer, hiker, etc.) must learn to do as part of their training.

Long runs can be a challenge!  As I prepare for the upcoming Cleveland Marathon, I’m tapping into some of my favorite ideas and tricks to help make the long runs easier.  Hopefully, one of these ideas helps make your next long run or distance training cycle go by a little more smoothly!

  1.  Grab a buddy!  Even if your buddy only joins you for a few miles, those miles with a friend always seem to fly by.  If a buddy can’t join you, I love using my headphones with a microphone to call one.  Shout out to my amazing sister for always taking my calls and motivating me when the miles get tough!


2.  Create a dedicated long run playlist.  A playlist full of favorites or long-lost feel-good songs that you only listen to on your LR may give you something to look forward to.  Podcasts and/or audiobooks are another great way to pass the time.

3.  Break it up!  Breaking up the distances in your head can be a helpful tactic.  For example, a 15 mile run could be broken down into 3 5-mile sections where you focus on something new for each portion (form, speed, etc).  When the run gets tough, sometimes I’ll even focus on the remaining miles and think about how many times I’ve run that distance.  It gives me the confidence boost I need to push through!


4.  Plan a fun route or to a fun location.  One of my favorite long runs happened in Washington DC.  I planned my own little running tour that took me past several monuments and highlights of the city!  I didn’t even notice the miles ticking by because I was so focused on the sights.  Not traveling?  Plan a run by some of your favorite spots in your community!

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5.  Focus on a mantra that motivates you.  Some of my go-to’s are: I can do hard things, I’m tougher than this run/hill/mile, and Every step you take moves you forward.  Find a few that inspire you to keep going!

6.  Sign up for a race!  For example, signing up for a local half marathon may help provide you with the energy and support you need to tackle a 13.1 mile long run – add on extra miles before or after, if needed.


So there you go!  Have any tips or tricks to share?  Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget!  You can save 10% on your Cleveland Marathon race registration by using the code TNCLE10.  img_0469


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Cleveland Marathon Training Update #3: How My Philosophy on Movement Has Evolved

Hey hey there friends!  I hope you’re all having a great week 🙂


Just popping in with your weekly training update for this year’s Cleveland Marathon!  This past week was a little all over the place with some work travel, which brings up a great discussion point – do you workout while traveling?

Personally, I’ve relaxed a lot in this area over the past few years.  Taylor five years ago would’ve been determined to continue her normal workouts and would freak out if things didn’t go to plan.  Taylor today is more focused on honoring her body, her mind, and her soul.

What do I mean by this?  Girl, aren’t you running a freaking marathon and don’t you have a training plan to stick to?

Yea, I do.  But, the worst thing I can do for my mental health and self esteem is beat myself up over swapping run days, cutting mileage, or missing a workout completely.  The run will always be there.  Life will go on.  The sun will still rise tomorrow if I don’t run today.

That being said, moving my body makes me feel GOOD, so I do typically exercise when I’m traveling.  Going on a run through a new city, taking a fitness class at a new studio or when offered by a hotel/resort, going for a walk or hike with friends and family, or trying a new activity are all ways I like to get moving while traveling.

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Some days, a formal workout isn’t in the cards, and that’s okay.  On those days, I’ll often do a mini-workout – even just a few minutes worth of movement – in the hotel room using an app, video, or making something up on the spot.  Or, I find myself gravitating toward standing for periods of time in meetings (when appropriate – but hey, I work in wellness – supporting healthy workplace culture!),  or walking laps in the airport.  When we were on our way home from Hawaii, Tim and I logged over 3 miles of airport walking!  We had a longggg layover…

This is all what works for me, and I’m sure it will evolve over time as I do.  All of that to say – I’m really looking forward to my long run this weekend after a few days off of running!

I’d love to know…do you exercise while traveling?  If so, I’d love to hear what works for you in the comments!





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2018 Cleveland Marathon Training Update #2

Hey there friends, and happy Marathon Monday!

2018ambassador badge

Training *finally* feels back to normal after two weeks of fighting whatever bug decided to hang around.  This was a great reminder to be relentless in pursuing your goals, but flexible about your methods.  Life happens, but we will move on and move forward!


Back to training…  I opted to ease back into training with two runs last week.  By far, my favorite run was on Thursday.  It was gray, but unseasonably warm for a northern Ohio February day.  I didn’t want to stop, but called it quits after three glorious miles because I needed to get back to work.  I also did two days of strength training and lot of cycling (no surprise there!).


This week, I’m planning to jump right back in to my training plan 100% (honoring my body if it tells me otherwise, of course!).  I’m looking forward to using this time on the road to catch up on some podcasts I’ve been neglecting, especially the RD Real Talk podcast series on intuitive eating!


Related to marathon training is fuel!  How fun is this festive heart-shaped pasta I picked up at Aldi for Valentine’s Day?!  We’ve been eating a lot of random meals lately, but now that life is back to normal around here I’m looking forward to getting back on the meal planning game!  Well – sort of!  We’ll be moving (locally) in a few weeks and it’ll be fun to see just how creative we can get with cleaning out the fridge/freezer/cupboards to avoid moving a ton of food.

Only 90 days until Cleveland Marathon!  If you haven’t registered yet, head over to the website (here) to sign up.  Oh, and you can use code “TNCLE10” to get 10% off your race registration!


Happy running!

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2018 CLE Marathon Training Update #1

Hey there, friends!

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I’m following a 16 week training plan for this year’s Cleveland Marathon, which meant my official training kicked off last week!  Whoo hoo!


I was able to get in two runs before starting to come down with a bug that seems to have settled in my chest.   While I didn’t hit my weekly mileage goal, I’m thankful I was able to get some miles on my legs as well as quite a bit of time on the bike.

This week, I’ll be playing my runs by ear as I *hopefully* recover quickly and get back out on the roads!  I was concerned due to the awful flu outbreak, so I did a telehealth visit (thank goodness for telehealth!) with a physician who thinks my history of asthma may be a playing a big role, so we discussed some things I can be doing to alleviate my symptoms and get back to life!  I’ll be taking it slow and listening to my body, don’t worry 🙂

One final thing!  If you’re looking to run an event in the 2018 Cleveland Marathon race series, you can use the promo code above to save 10% off your registration!

Have a great week, and happy running!

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Here We Go Again, Cleveland!

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Two years ago, I went down to a race expo to sign up for what would be my fifth full marathon – the Cleveland Marathon.  During the nearly five hours (yep, five hours – #slowandproud) it took me to finish the race, we experienced #alltheseasons and I feel the need to tell EVERYONE this fact because my finish photo is sunny.

<– See?  You’d never know.

Despite the crazy weather, I fell in love with the Cleveland Marathon.  The race was so well organized, the course was a wonderful tour that highlighted some of Cleveland’s best (you cannot beat running by the water, in my opinion!), and well supported by race crew, volunteers, and spectators.  There’s just something special about this city that I love, the people, and the amazing running community.  You know this race has a special place in my heart when I’m smiling while I’m sitting here thinking and writing about it.

2018ambassador badgeThat’s why I am SO excited to do it all again in 2018!  This time, as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador!  I’ll be running one of the Challenge Series, the 8K/26.2 distance challenge where you run an 8K on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday.  I am so pumped!  I’ve never done a Challenge like this before, so we’re in for a fun adventure.

I’ll be sharing updates about my journey to marathon weekend on here and on Instagram (@tnewlove) if you want to follow along.  You can also check out my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors here.  Warning: they are all crazy awesome and if I haven’t been able to convince you that Cleveland is the race for you, their energy and posts probably will 😉

If you haven’t had a chance to run through Cleveland yet, I invite you to join me this year!  If you have, I welcome you back and hope you’ll join in the fun again!

Let’s do this, Cleveland!


18 in 2018

The Happier Podcast continues to be one of my favorite podcasts.  On one of their recent shows, they discussed a listener comment they adapted to create an “18 in 2018” list of things you want to do.  Gretchen and Elizabeth, the podcast hosts, later shared their own lists.  Tim and I developed our own lists and though we have some overlap, what you find on each of our lists is true to ourselves.  This list is part “to-do’s” that have been hanging out in the background, part bigger goals I want to achieve.

My 18 in 2018!

  1. Read Health at Every Size.  I was introduced to these principles and research while in my dietetic internship, and continue to hear about it as I dive deeper into intuitive eating.  I find this fascinating and am looking forward to reading the book.
  2. Run the 2018 Cleveland Marathon Challenge!  I’ll be tackling the 8K on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday.  I’ve never done a challenge event series like this, so I am pumped for this year’s race weekend!
  3. Run my first 50K.  It’s time for a new distance!  🙂
  4. Touch up my car paint.  I received one quote to touch up some of the paint on my car, but would like to get another quote.  The work just needs to be done!
  5. Master baking a couple different kinds of bread!  I love sourdough as well as your regular ol’ wheat loaf, and while I’ve been baking both kinds for a while I don’t have consistent results.  It’s time to get to work and figure it out!
  6. Get a new phone – 100% upgrade!
  7. Finish my 2017 temperature blanket.  Now if I could just find the crochet hook I was using!
  8. Start and complete a yoga challenge.  I have my eyes on this one, though I’ll be starting it a little later –  join me! 🙂
  9. Go skiing – water and snow!  We haven’t been snow skiing in a couple of years, and despite my family’s love of the water Tim has never waterskiied!  This WILL be the year we do both.
  10. Get a dog 😉
  11. Update our passports.  This potentially leads into the next item on this list…
  12. Travel someplace that we haven’t been before.  It doesn’t matter if it’s within or outside of the country to us, we just want to go someplace new together.
  13. Clean and pack intentionally with the goal of simplicity for my mind and soul.  Space – physical and mental – makes me happy.  Taking tips from Marie Kondo, The Minimalists, Courtney Carver, and others.
  14. Eliminate disposable plastic food storage as an “everyday” item and switch to reusable bags, glassware, and beeswax wrap.
  15. Learn how to give Tim a haircut.
  16. Try something new each month.
  17. Get all of my CEU’s in order – my CHES CEU’s are due next year and I need to establish my professional development portfolio now that I am a Registered Dietitian!  This is my friendly and shame-free plug to seek out the credentialed expert – we want to and are expected to keep up with the latest research, evidence-based practice, and standards in our field.
  18. Launch my practice.  It’s been a dream of mine to be able to work with a handful of nutrition counseling clients outside of the work I do full-time, and thanks to technology this is becoming more and more possible and accessible.

Other intentions I have for the year are not quite as fully baked, but will be in time.  And, in the spirit of trying to go with the flow, I’m not afraid to alter the above as life evolves 🙂

What are some of your “Things in 2018” you want to accomplish?

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Looking Back on 2017


New Years Eve – an annual day, for many according to my social media feeds, for reflection.  I’m a proud ticket holder of the reflection train and have enjoyed looking back on both the highs and lows (aka growth opportunities) of the 2017.  Even though I’m posting this in 2018, I wanted to share this look back on 2017 with you and for my own record.

By far, the highest high of 2017 was completing my dietetic internship and passing the RD exam.


I’m officially a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist!


As I was studying for my exam, I came across a podcast that ignited a spark.  The RD Real Talk podcast expanded on the concept of intuitive eating, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  In addition to other areas of nutrition and well-being I’m passionate about like integrative/functional nutrition and sports nutrition, I’m immersing myself in learning about intuitive eating.  I am so excited to continue to learn and grow in my practice as a dietitian in 2018!

Another high of 2017 was all of the hiking we were able to do in the later half of the year.  This high came after the low of Tim breaking his foot.  We are grateful that his recovery went smoothly!

There was a lot of running in 2017 – the Oktoberfest 5K in September, the Glass City Marathon Relay with my family in April, the Muddy Mini half with my sister in June, and my sixth marathon in October.  It was this year I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and started running with a local trail group and did the Fall Running Series.  I fell off the bandwagon toward the end of the year with meeting up with the group, but it was another one of the highest highs from the year because it was something I had wanted to do but had put off because of fear.  There was anxiety over meeting new people, but mostly fear over expectations of not being fast enough, running long enough, or running as much as others did.  This was SO not the case.  The trail running community welcomes everyone with open arms.  I am thankful for the continued passion for running, and for getting to share this passion with others.

BGSU – a common thread in the core of my life.  I completed my dietetic internship through Bowling Green and graduated with a Graduate Certificate in Food and Nutrition, my youngest sister graduated, and my entire family (#FalconFamily) headed out to campus for homecoming.  Forever a Falcon, BGSU will always be a highlight of my life.

What is it about water and nature that brings so much joy and contentment?  I am thankful for getting to spend a few days by the Atlantic Ocean with my mom, a few days on the Gulf with my family, a few weeks by the lake – by myself and with family, and many miles of trail running soaking up the beauty of the world around me.

This year, we also faced some challenging times.  There were tears, questioning, and hard times that I can’t even summarize in one word – but the ups and downs, twists and turns, expected and unexpected are what make this life what it is.  I’m internally programmed to look for gratitude and found comfort in looking for the lesson and opportunity to grow in every situation.  By no means did I or am I doing this perfectly, but that’s okay, I’m a work in progress.

But above all, the high of my life will always be those I share it with.  My husband, family, friends, classmates, colleagues, teachers, mentors, running buddies, and more.

Thank you, 2017.

What is one of your “highs” from 2017?